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The Queen of Swords

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I've always struggled to release the negative and painful things in my life. And I did this because I grew up in an environment full of negativity and pain. The long suffering I have put myself through has simply been what I'm used to and learned to survive in.

Something changed recently though. I took a risk and let go instead of holding on. In the past, when I only imagined what that would be like, I retreated back to chaos from the fear of what being true to myself could bring.

What did I let go of? I let go of people and situations that didn't bring reciprocity or love my way. It took a lot of courage and faith to do it. The repeating tracks of self-doubt kept playing in my head. But you know what I found on the other side? Peace, self-love, my divinity, and MYSELF.

I was waiting on the other side this whole time! I exhausted my heart and soul and body trying to contain who I was. I denied all the wonderful things that make me whole so I could be miserable like everyone else. And there I was, just bidding my time until I came back once more.

Since I woke up this morning, the Queen of Swords has been stuck in my mind. Through retrospect and meditation, I see why the energy of this card surrounds me today. I have taken on the role of this Queen. Cutting out all that does not serve me any longer to make room for what does and will. Finally allowing Divine's blessings to show up instead of denying.

The Queen of Swords does not let emotion or sentiment stand in the way of what is true and just. She is not swayed by the outrageous and dramatic. She will make quick work of anyone who approaches her with hidden agenda or lies. Most importantly, she knows who she is and she won't back down. Her spot on the throne has been earned through hard lessons of heartbreak and reaching self-acceptance.

Have you embodied the Queen of Swords energy today? What do you need to release in order for better to make its way towards you?

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